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Theres something for everyone
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More than just a location

The Charming Medieval Village of Carlingford is situated on the East Coast of Ireland, in the heart of the Cooley Peninsula, a border town in County Louth or what is known to the natives as Irelands’ ‘Wee’ County. Located halfway between Capital Cities Belfast and Dublin visitors will encounter a hub of heritage, folklore, and activities on the shores of Carlingford Lough, resting at the foot of the Slieve Foy Mountain. Carlingford and Omeath are certainly one of the most unique places you will ever visit. Steeped in History and ready to welcome you.

Build a Package with us

Carlingford has something for everyone, from the avid hill walkers, family day outs and action packed weekends for people of all tastes.

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Captivating History

Carlingford is steeped in history from famed Celtic Legends to Knights and Kings of olde. Tour the village and step back into a unique part in time.

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Beautiful Scenery

The Carlingford and Cooley area was Awarded the European Destination of Excellence for Breathtaking scenery. It truly is a beautiful place to behold.

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Carlingford Village offer affordable, cafés, restaurants and bistros that provide food to all our visitors. From Michelin Awarded Restaurants to homely tea rooms offering cosy dining and delicious treats.

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When you want to come and stay, Carlingford is offering top quality Hotels, Hostels, B&B’s and Self catering accommodation. Something for a romantic weekend or a family break away.

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Carlingford have a great nightlife for everybody, Music,Bands, DJ’s and much more. If you want a place to be entertained. We have it.

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Rock climbingHorse Riding,Kayaking, Surfing and so much more.Stag or Hen Parties can enjoy a thrilling trip in Carlingford

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Only an hour between Belfast and DublinCarlingford is easy to get to. But guaranteed to be an experience different and rememberable from the rest.

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Visit Carlingford offer packages for golfing weekendsHens & StagsFamily trips and sports bonding packages. We do the hard work so you dont have to.

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Packages for everyone

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Hen & Stag Packages

Hen and Stag packages, Family Packages and Corporate weekends. Visit Carlingford offers fantastic deals for everyone to enjoy. Our Hen Weekends away guarantee an action packed weekend of fun  a completely relaxed environment, Its upto you, No matter what you choose we ensure we will deliver. Our Stag Packages are great fun for everyone involved. We’ll organise every detail at no extra cost to you so Get in touch with us today and we’ll build your ultimate getaway.

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We offer great holiday packages for families planning a trip in Carlingford. There is so much to do, from golfingsports, swimming, sailing, fishinghorseriding and much much more. Get the week or weekend away you won’t forget. Carlingford really has established itself as one of the top locations to visit in Ireland, Its been featured on theJournal, TheDaily Edge, Irish Central and many more. Come and see it for yourself.

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Horse riding, Swimming, Sailing. Fun activities for all the family or your friends. Carlingford provide nice experiences for the outside, maybe you wish to be told the way to create cocktails? Carlingford offers it.

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We specialise in Group-Getaways, Family Holidays, Golfing Trips, Sports or Corporate Team-Building Weekends, Hens, Stags, Weddings and Parties of every kind. We take care of it all; from Accommodation, Activities, Dining and everything in between. There is no request too big and no job too small. We cut out the middle men to provide a hassle free experience.
Our Award Winning Website will keep you posted on upcoming events, competitions and local news together with exhibiting the best of Water Sports, Mountain Activities, History Tours, Traditional Pubs, Restaurants, Boutiques, Novelty Ideas, Self-Catering Homes, B&Bs, Hotels and Hostels that Carlingford has to offer.
Our website makes it simple to browse through the options available, secure a booking or contact us directly to build a package that suits the needs of your group.When you Visit Carlingford you will visit time and time again.

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  • So much fun from start to finish! Great service from Visit Carlingford - Richard was very accommodating nothing seemed to be a problem for him no matter how many times we changed our mind about things! Accommodation and entertainment was first class - we were 15 very happy hens all weekend!

    Andrea TreanorHen Package
  • Thanks so much for organising the hen for us in Carlingford last weekend. We had a blast and were very impressed with the apartments, wine tasting and meal. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone else I hear of planning a hen.

    Aoife FeelyHen Celebration Weekend
  • We had a great weekend in Carlingford. The houses were ideal and right beside the town. The Adventure centre is perfect for an afternoon activity and the pubs and restaurants in the town are well run and perfect for a group.

    Brian StanleyStag Package
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