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John Longs Bar


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Long Acre Lodge just five minutes outside Carlingford located above Longs Bar.

Longs Bar has a beer garden at the back with fantastic view of the Carlingford Mountains. The front bar has kept its old style feel with a big open fire but with a pool table and Sky TV for the sports fans. If it’s a quiet drink your after then Longs bar is a great place to just sit back and enjoy.

The Bar was first opened in 1757. The proprietor John long was the first man in the family to build and open the bar. Over the years the business was passed down through four generations of family’s. In 1996 the original building was burnt to the ground when the thatched roof caught fire from hot ash blowing from a near bonfire. The remaining shell was knocked down and the current owner who is also named John long rebuilt the building over four years and the pub was reopened in 2001. The roof was thatched again and the original sign that was over the door was restored and placed back over the door.

Now John Longs Bar is a traditional Irish pub from the front with a warm and homely feel with live music through the summer. The rear section of the building (lounge) is ideal for large groups or parties. The main feature of the bar inside is the massive open fire that occupies a full wall. The stone that was used to hand build the fireplace was the remaining stone that was left after demolishing the old building. It also has two beautiful hand crafted features with a railway sleeper as a mantle.

Long’s Bar now have Accommodation available for groups, families, walkers or a small get together. They can sleep up to 30 people and being only a 5 minute drive from Carlingford this is the prefect location for a break away. Grange walking loop starts for outside their door so why not pop in for a coffee or pint after a nice relaxing walk.

For more information on Long’s Bar contact us here at

tele: +353 879576989

email:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

  • Irish Pub
  • Sky TV
  • Pool Table
  • Large beer garden
  • Open fire
  • Music
  • Lounge ideal for large parties
  • Accommodation
  • Sunday Lunch

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