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Commons Looped Walk

A-B. From the car park, turn left and follow the green (and blue and red) arrows along the road to a T-junction where you turn left. The blue and red arrows are for the longer Slieve Foye Loop and Barnavave Loop. Entering the village ‘square’ turn right and ascend to the main junction where you proceed staright on to the right of Savages Victuallers. Continue to follow the green, blue and red arrows (and the yellow arrows which are for the long-distance Tain Way) as the loop takes you to the top of River Road. The blue and red loops turn right here – but you proceed straight ahead and join a stony laneway.

B-C. Follow the laneway as it zig-zags uphill for 500m to join a wide green roadway. Here you rejoin the Tain Way (yellow arrows) and the Slieve Foye Loop (blue arrows) and turn left. Follow the grassy roadway downhill for 300m to reach a wooden gate – pass through it and follow the arrows to the left. The loop now sweeps downhill and right and, after 500m, joins a surfaced roadway. Here you rejoin the Barnavave Loop and turn left and downhill.

C-A. Continue to follow the green, red, blue and yellow arrows as the loop takes you down to the Parish Church on the outskirts of the village, and then turns left and back to the village square. It’s only 100m from there to the trailhead.

Dogs are not permitted on farmland