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Bubble Soccer

From Only €30 Per Person


Bubble soccer is the latest craze to hit Ireland’s activities industry and you can play it now in the outskirts of Carlingford with several of our Activity Partners.

We will provide you with all options relating to Bubble Soccer, you can choose whatever tickles your fancy more.

Just like regular soccer, bubble soccer is a team game played on a football pitch with the object of the game to score more goals than the opposing team. That however is where the similarities end because in bubble soccer the participants are protected by a big, inflatable bubble which covers them from head to waist with only their legs free to move meaning any efforts to actually play soccer bring hilarious results.

So take part or just watch as players crash into and knock each other over in their bubble like human bumper cars while trying to show off their football skills. Players can do backflips in their bubble, dives, rollies or crash right into each other while the bubble takes all the impact. Anything goes really but watch out if you lose your balance or fall over as you might find yourself stranded upside down….. and no-one might hear you outside your bubble!

The activity site is a 20 minute drive from Carlingford, if you need a return bus let us know.

What is it?

Bubble Soccer or also known as Body Zorbing, Bubble Football, Bubble Ball and Bumper Balls.  You are safely strapped inside a big inflatable ball but your legs hang out the bottom of it leaving you able to run around inside our purpose built playing field and bounce into each other.

Some of the games we play include football, sumo wrestling, last man standing and tig.

All of which you can bounce into each other at full speed and not get hurt, your ball takes all the impact. Staying on your feet is harder than you think


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