Enjoying a Steak Night Special – McKevitt’s Village Hotel

A Super Steak Night Special


What better way to spend your Monday evening than being treated to an exquisite steak dinner in the comfort of Mc Kevitt’s Village Hotel, Carlingford.

This is exactly how the Visit Carlingford team enjoyed last Monday evening and I can say on behalf of the group that this Mc Kevitts’ Meal Deal lived up to all of the hype.

The very friendly Zelda, Elaine and the rest of the staff took care of us from the moment we walked through the door, ensuring that we didn’t want for a thing. The warm cosy atmosphere of Mc Kevitt’s Bar and Restaurant never disappoints me but there was something rather unique about the place last Monday. As our evening drew on, it dawned on me that the Carlingford locals were out in force.

Perhaps Monday is becoming the local’s night in the village in a bid to unwind after Carlingford’s hectic weekend action?


We ordered three 10oz Steaks, cooked; Medium, Medium-Rare and Well-Done. I mention the three as they were each cooked magnificently to our request. Hats off to the chef for the meticulous care and attention to detail applied.

As always, we went for a selection of sides to avoid missing out on any of the fun and my oh my, they were scrumptious. Our spread included; Creamy Pepper Sauce, Fresh Side Salad, Home-Cut Chunky Chips, Baby Boils, Fried Onions and a mixture of succulently cooked Carrots, Beetroot and Green Beans; with just the right zest and bite.

The meal went down even better with pints and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for good measure. As part of this Monday Steak Night deal, Mc Kevitt’s offer a bottle of wine with two 10oz Sirloins/Rib Eyes for €50. It would be rude not to!

Mid-way through our meal the music began. Monday nights in Mc Kevitt’s see local legend Henry Mac playing alongside the very talented Mc Collum Brothers, all tucked in front of the open fire for a live session of musical treats. Playing a range of traditional music and instruments, it was a pleasure to behold. The men play really well together in their comfortable, chilled out space and we could happily have sat or indeed danced all night if time had allowed it. To begin, the music started off nice and slow with a captivating rendition of Christy Moores famed Black is the Colour, lending itself as background noise for the chat amongst the crowd. By the time we were leaving they had turned it up a notch, setting the scene for a true Irish Session to ensue. The upbeat tunes were the perfect invitation to take to the floor.

Overall we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and look forward to returning very soon.



Included in Mc Kevitt’s Specials are:

Boozy Bull Monday which offers;

2 x 10oz Sirloin/Rib Eye Steaks with all the trimmings and a bottle of house wine for only €50


Friday Night Steak Night which offers;

1 x 10oz Sirloin/Rib Eye with all the trimmings for €19.95.

Pop down and see what all the fuss is about. You won’t be disappointed!!