The Perfect Proposal

“As soon as I saw you

I knew an adventure was about to happen”

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie is a wise character.

After all, love should be an adventure, as much as possible anyway.

Whether it seems like something minor or a huge step, beginning any new journey with the person you love can be so exciting.
One of the most exciting steps on that journey can be the moment you decide to ‘pop the question’, as they say.
Months or years could lead up to this.

The moment you decide, ‘Holy Moly, I don’t think I will ever fancy another person as much as this lad/lassie right here’!
So, when you do realise it, what do you do then?

Enter, Propose 2 Me….

The unique idea came to local entrepreneur, Arlene Malone, having had an overseas marriage proposal and wedding herself.
She noticed that there was no alternative in Ireland offering a bespoke proposal planning service for the potential male or female seeking that ‘something special’ or even simply advice for the person that didn’t know where to start.

This simple idea took off.
Champagne bubbles, scented candles, twinkling lights and the subtle notes of a lingering violin are just some of the details that Propose 2 Me use to set the scene for your most memorable proposal.

Having established a partner early on, in the form of 5 Star Luxury Hotel, The Merchant, in Belfast city this encouraged some well-deserved attention to the new brand, Propose 2 Me.
Since then, Propose 2 Me has created picture perfect proposals in some of the most beautiful locations in Ireland.

Recently, none other than our very own medieval town of Carlingford.
The Abbey, a 14th century Dominican Friary, was the location of choice.

Using the natural beauty and history of the area lended itself perfectly to a unique proposal in Carlingford.
The happy couple spoke so highly of the service provide by the team at Propose 2 Me and only wished they could do it all over again!

So, are you thinking about it?
A proposal in Carlingford?

Whether you call Ireland home and want to make a short trip to Carlingford or you wish to start your adventure from further afield, Carlingford, nestled at the foot of the Slieve Foy mountains and sitting on Carlingford Lough will sweep you off your feet.

And a unique, bespoke proposal with Propose 2 Me will allow you to sweep your special someone off their feet!