Chefs Choice : McKevitts Hotel & Schooners Restaurant

At McKevitts Village Hotel and Schooners Restaurant the food is delicious and simply prepared.

Using locally sourced ingredients , making homemade desserts and offering beautiful jams & chutneys to buy and take home , there is plenty to attract you to this long thriving family business.

Dining in the more intimate Schooners Restaurant or enjoying a local craft beer and a bite to eat in the Main Bar, the atmosphere is always relaxed, cosy and inviting.

McKevitts and Carlingford are famous for two things, fresh seafood and warm local service.

With every restaurant the kitchen staff want to bring you on a culinary journey.

We took a break from the office and had a chat with Siobhán , a member of the McKevitts family and Chef in McKevitts.

We asked her to give us three of her favourite dishes to both eat and prepare.
We were not disappointed, they were delicious.


Wild Mushroom Bruschetta Delight

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta with our rocket & roasted garlic pesto, balsamic reduction, topped with rocket & parmesan.

“Our take on the classic “mushroom on toast”, we sauté our mixed wild mushrooms very simply with butter & olive oil seasoned with salt, cracked black pepper, freshly grated nutmeg (which intensifies the mushroom flavour) & finish with a dash of fresh cream. These are served on our warm toasted Ciabatta bread which is the perfect sponge to soak up all the delicious mushroom juices. We serve this with our homemade fresh rocket and roasted garlic pesto & fresh salad of rocket & parmesan shavings, the peppery flavour of the rocket & the hit of garlic from the pesto really complement the deep earthy flavours of the mushrooms. A tasty well balanced dish which has proven to be a popular choice.”


Warm Pork Belly Salad

Warm Pork Belly Salad with toasted nuts & seeds, pink lady apple topped with a black pepper & roasted fennel mayonnaise.

“When creating this dish we took inspiration from a the classic Waldorf salad which consisted of fresh apple, toasted walnuts & celery combined in a mayonnaise dressing, a original 70’s salad buffet delight. As apple & pork complement each other so well we decide to go with a Waldorf inspired salad. So we simply toss our fresh mixed salad leaves, shards of pink lady apple, diced celery & spring onion with our honey & mustard dressing, scatter that with toasted mixed nuts & seeds, top with our warm slow cooked succulent pulled pork belly meat & finally top with our creamy roasted fennel seed & cracked black peppercorn mayonnaise. Each & every one of the textures & flavours complement each other. It’s original & it works!”


Homemade Crispy Fish Cake

Homemade Crispy Fish Cake with fresh salmon, hake & cod, flavoured with capers & dill, served on with our tarragon & lemon mayonnaise.

“When you visit a coastal town & decide to stay & have a bit to eat, seafood is generally at the for front of people’s minds. A fish cake can be a popular choice, but in my experience they can some times really disappoint, very little fish, full of potato & flat on flavour. We make our fish cakes using fresh cod, salmon & hake, we use three quarters fish to one quarter potato ratio so they are really meaty with fresh fish. We flavour our fish cake with fresh dill, spring onion, fresh parsley, mini capers, lemon zest & salt & black pepper. The cakes are moulded, coated in crumbs twice and then deep fried until golden & crisp. They are served simply on our house salad which is garnished with a beautiful complementary mayonnaise made with tarragon, roasted fennel & fresh lemon. Altogether a deliciously light dish that’s packed with fresh zesty flavours that marry so well with the delicate flavours of fresh fish.”


We’re a little peckish now!

With tasty dishes such as these, it is worth a visit for sure.

Book now through for your special occasion; birthday, hen/stag, family get together or just a night out to enjoy some good food.