The 15 Most Instagrammable Spots In Carlingford

Dreaming about the perfect Instagram post? Whether you get lucky with an amazing shot, or else just take a mediocre picture and filter the shit out of it – once posted you wait eagerly to see how many likes you can get.

That’s what it’s all about really, isn’t it? Getting as many likes as possible without having to sell your soul with a billion hashtags of course.

Carlingford and the Mourne Region is no doubt an extremely scenic and beautiful area so it should be easy really getting that perfect shot. However, we want to help you out even further so we have compiled the best #insta worthy spots.

1. Thosel Street

There is no doubt that Thosel Street makes a fantastic photograph. It’s cobbled pedestrian street in contrast with its colourful buildings is a beauty to behold. Lit up in the evening and at Christmas with twinkling lights, the street illuminates a magical feeling. The former gate house and Thosel with integral carriage arch, built c. 1450, lends itself to the naming of the street.

2. The Abbey

Also referred to as Carlingford Friary or Carlingford Priory, the rough coursed limestone and greywacke walls give a distinguished medieval feeling, the towering stonework and arches add the wow factor to your photograph. In rainy weather look out for reflection of these arches.

3. Top of Slieve Foye

The highest mountain peak in Co. Louth was never going to disappoint for a spectacular shot overlooking the Carlingford Lough & Mourne Mountains on one side and Dundalk Bay on the other. Rising to the top is a challenge that will reward you with likes for any shots captured is sure to please many audiences.

4. The Giant’s Chair

The Leprechaun and Fairy Cavern is a sight to behold for the young and the old. However when it comes to thee most Instagram worthy item, it is without a doubt The Giant’s Chair set on the backdrop of the ocean. The sign states that Fionn Mac Cumhaill owned this chair but Tommy Bowe reckons it was borrowed from Devon Toner.

5. The Lough Front

Relaxing on the wall enjoying a 99 ice cream whilst watching the sailors on the horizon during the summer or wrapped up enjoying the cold crisp air with a takeaway coffee during the winter? Needless to say, it’s a perfect backdrop of the Lough, framed by King John’s Castle.

6. The Greenway

The newest edition to Carlingford is this stretch of path from Carlingford to Omeath and now right through to Newry. The Greenway is for everyone from families taking bike rides, to couples having a romantic stroll, to fitness fanatics dashing to the finish line. Every step of the way is a beautiful view to take in.

7. Cafés

Café culture is becoming quite the hobby for the young and the old. Carlingford has some very unique and quaint cafés, each one with a unique character waiting to be captured. Along with unique decor, try or capture some of the tasty pastries, sandwiches and drinks that Carlingford has to offer.

8. King Johns Castle

King John’s Castle was built in the 12th century on a rocky outcrop overlooking Carlingford Lough. The Castle dominates the Lough, the harbour and the village. The castle itself is under renovation and is closed off to the public but it is still possible to encapsulate it in your picture.

9. Carlingford Lough Ferry

Take the scenic route with the ferry which goes from Greenore to Greencastle daily. There will be plenty of opportunities to capture including on occasion some on board surprises. This is a trip worth taking for the Instagram shot alone.

10. The Gratitude Bench

What are you grateful for? An extra few like? Well whether you receive those likes are not this rainbow coloured bench on Thosel Street is worth a visit for it will surely brighten your day.

11. The Marina

If boats are your dream then this is their car park. All sorts of beautiful boats and parked up here, set your sights on your favourite and capture it. What’s more is you can sit in the warmth of an Indian Restaurant overlooking these boats and the Lough

12. Flagstaff Viewpoint

When this viewpoint is listed on Lonely Planet you know it’s got to be good. If you want to see a spectacular view you usually have to climb a huge mountain but this overs a unique experience in that you can drive right to the top.

13. The Anchor

This large anchor sits on the sea-front, this area gathers lots of families, they love it as the little ones can play away on the stoney beach and enjoy picnics on the grass area. Great for little ones but also a great shot for any Instagram page especially when it is sunny.

14. The Pier

You will find swimmers, pier jumpers and adventure centre activities taking part at the Carlingford Pier. In sunny weather, you’ll find crowds of people participating and watching pier jumping enjoy the Lough.

15. Colourful Buildings

We are not sure if it was planned or not but Carlingford has an array of brightly coloured shop fronts and homes across the village. These beautiful colours make the perfect backdrop for a bright rainbow shot.

Now get out there and start Instagramming!

Things To Do This Halloween Mid Term Break

Looking to entertain the kids with some fun and unique activities in the area this mid-term break? At Visit Carlingford we understand the difficulty in keeping the little ones occupied when off school. That is why we put together some great ideas to help you out.

Fitzpatrick’s Bar & Restaurant Halloween Fireworks Display


We all love a fireworks display, this is a great way for the entire family to see the beautiful fireworks display in a safe and controlled environment. This is a new event for Fitzpatrick’s Bar & Restaurant and we a thrilled about it. It will be on the 30th October at 6pm.

Visit Carlingford Pumpkin Carving Competition


This is a great way to get the kids using their imaginations, simply get them to carve a pumpkin. Drop it into the Visit Carlingford office on the Lough, on Friday 26th October. Voting will be open to the public over the weekend and a winner will be announced on Halloween itself. Winners will be presented with their fantastic prize in the spook-tacular office on Wednesday 31st October. For kids ages 4-15 years old.

Newcastle Hallowtides parade and Fireworks display


Looking for an amazing day out, catch the Carlingford Lough Ferry across the waters and travel up to Newcastle for the Hallowtides parade and fireworks display. The parade at 7pm and fireworks at 8pm.

Pumpkin Picking at O’Neills Flowers


Get the kids out in the fresh air and show them a little bit of nature. O’ Neills Flowers in Willville, Carlingford are hosting a great event where you can pick your very own grown pumpkin. See where and how pumpkins grow. O Neill’s have close to 1,000 pumpkins this year, so there is plenty to choose from.

Halloween Camp at Kilbroney Forest Park


Get the kids into the outdoors for some adventure and exploring through mountain biking, learning different skills both on and off the bike as we mix it up with the following activities Team games, Zip lining, Archery, Mountain biking and more. Best of all, not even a computer in sight! There is cost but it is worth it for a great day. Places on the camps always fill up fast and they are a great way to have the kids meet new friends, develop social skills, learn new practical skills and try new activities. Modern society lends itself towards a sedentary lifestyle and actively encouraging kids to explore the outdoors is vital to their holistic health and well being

The Festival of Horrors – Scare Experience


This is for the slightly braver, even teenagers…

The Festival of Horrors invites you to join the Order of The Father at Bellurgan Park this Halloween.
The Order of the Father have set up a commune at Bellurgan Park house for new members to join them on their spiritual journey. The Order under the leadership of ‘The Father’ denies the accusations of being a “cult,” allegations against them include ritual killings, self mutilation, brutal punishments, human sacrifices and ceremonies that are said to summon demons from the depths of hell itself.
The Festival of Horrors is at Bellurgan house from October 19th – 21st and October 26th – 30th.

Make sure to get tickets for this event.

Slieve Foye and Carlingford Mountain climb


This is for big kids, it is a great way to get teens away from their phones. This does require a level of fitness so check in with the organisers to ensure you are suitable to go. On Saturday 3rd November take on the challenge of the Slieve Foye the path is rocky and steep hillsides, it is graded hard. There is also a cost incurred and can include transport from Dublin. Starting in Carlingford make your way uphill through the streets to reach the open hillside and head up the saddle of Barnavave, before making the steep ascent to the summit of Slieve Foye (588m), the highest point in Co. Louth. Then follow the rocky crest of the mountain as it rises and falls over subsidiary tops to Eagles Rock, then on to Raven’s Rock and Foxes Rock. From there head east, traversing the mountain before dropping gradually to join the Tain Way path back into Carlingford. There should be time for some refreshments or an exploration of the village and small harbour before heading home.

If this is a little challenging for you then pop into the Visit Carlingford office and we will be sure to talk you through the best hikes and walks.

Still want more…

If you complete all these events and still want some more activities, then contact us and we can arrange anything from Laughter Yoga, Paint-balling, Go-Karting, Zip-lining, a Scavenger Hunt, a Dance Classes and much more!