Hens and Stags – Dos and Don’ts

We have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts for Hen Parties and Stag Parties coming to Carlingford. Hopefully this list will give you further insight into the town of Carlingford and help you as you are planning your special trip of a lifetime.




1. Do make sure you leave the pub for a breather and check out the magnificent beauty of Carlingford.

We’re obviously biased but we hate to see groups leaving Carlingford without witnessing the breath-taking views and monuments around town. Fantastic activities that allow you to take in the village as you go are the Visit Carlingford Scavenger Hunt or the Carlingford E-Bikes. View the beauty of Carlingford from high up by walking the Slieve Foy mountain, the greenway or SkyPark.


2. Do be mindful of your neighbours.

As you know Visit Carlingford is home to some fabulous Self-Catering properties. Many of these properties are neighbours to Carlingford residents who see different groups come and go every weekend and who are incredibly patient with holiday-makers. Please be aware of noise levels and under no circumstances trespass onto somebody else’s property. Do not do anything you would not do at your own home. Be mindful and respectful.

Carlingford is here to be enjoyed by all but likewise everyone must feel safe and respected at all times.



3. Do try some Carlingford cuisine.

Carlingford is the home to some of the finest restaurants and food in the country.

Whether it’s fine dining, a bag of fish & chips, an Irish stew or a Carlingford Oyster there’s something to tickle everyone’s taste buds so do your homework, find out where best suits you and we can guarantee you won’t regret it.


4. Do keep an eye on the time..

We do recommend that groups try their best to run on schedule. If you are late for one activity it will not only complicate things for the supplier but it’ll mean that your whole schedule will be rushed and you may end up missing out on things.

If you show up late for a meal or an activity depending on how late you are you may lose your booking or shorten the time slot available. If you are late going out on the town you may have to wait longer on taxis or you may not get a seat together in a pub.

The only disco in Carlingford is Mc Kevitts Club M and it opens until approximately 2 – 2:30am so make sure you’re out early to make the very most of your night.



5. Do a pub crawl.

If you are fond of experiencing a few drinks, then we recommend a pub crawl. Too often groups only see the inside of one premises in the village for the entire weekend which is a shame considering that the different pubs all offer something different. Also, Carlingford is a small town, with all of the pubs in very close proximity so it makes sense to go to them all and find which suits your group best whether it’s country music & a chat with a local in The Carlingford Arms, a mouth-watering cocktail and disco dance in The Loft Cocktail Bar, the intimate setting of Ma Bakers old Irish bar, the renowned beer garden of Pj O’Hares or a relaxed drink in the chilled out Mc Kevitts Village Hotel. Do not drink beyond your limits. Nobody likes somebody who has taken it too far. So be sensible, be safe and enjoy yourselves.

6. Do not forget to enjoy yourselves & have fun.

Carlingford is a gorgeous lively town with so much to offer and there really is something for everyone. Kickback, relax & enjoy your stay.






1. Don’t book your trip with an unreliable company.

We have seen too many people come to us with complaints about bogus companies and disastrous accommodation when the damage has already been done. Unfortunately, there are bogus companies making false claims, providing inadequate services, working under several different names and even imitating other company names. Please shop around, ask lots of questions and read reviews before you make a booking. We hate to see people leaving Carlingford disappointed.


2. Don’t forget to plan ahead.

There are so many fun and exciting events running in and around Carlingford that may coincide with your trip that you don’t want to miss out on. Look at the Visit Carlingford calendar and do your research online. There’s everything from the National Leprechaun Hunt, the Carlingford Oyster Festival, world famous singers and musicians, donkey derbies, marathons, triathlons and tractor runs. You name it, we’ve got it.



3. Don’t drink on the streets.

Apart from it being against the law it’s also not going to do your party any favours. Carlingford is a small place and the doormen of the town all work together. If you or your group are seen drinking on the streets the doormen will make a mental note and you’re less likely to get in anywhere later on. Furthermore, Carlingford is a family friendly village and we intend to keep it this way, there’s plenty of time for drinking so please don’t make any difficulties for anyone by cracking open the drinks on the footpath.


4. Don’t carry blow up body parts around Carlingford.

Villagers don’t like them, many tourists don’t like them, many restaurants and businesses won’t accept them. We’re all on for letting your hair down and having fun but please don’t have blow-up body parts in public places.



5. Don’t Litter.

Carlingford is a magnificent town in numerous ways. Magnificent towns bring many tourists and with many tourists there are many advantages and very few disadvantages, however one of the drawbacks is litter. The Carlingford voluntary tidy towns committee have been working relentlessly to tackle this problem but we really need your help. Please leave it as you’ve found it. With so much natural beauty at our disposal it is so important that we protect it so that Carlingford will remain a beautiful place to live, work and visit for many years to come.


6. Don’t forget to breathe in some Carlingford air.

Whether it’s a walk to the top of sliabh foy mountain, or along the magnificent new greenway, a trip on the new Carlingford Lough Ferry or even an adventure activity, don’t forget to fill up those lungs with some Carlingford air before you go home.